About Kathy


My name is Kathy and I’m proud to work with clients who have struggled with their weight and health issues. Usually they are referred to me by my successful clients who have lost body fat and seen their symptoms of ill-health diminish. Dismay is turned to excitement, joy and amazement as they see their rapid progress. Pre-diabetes can be reversed, and diabetics can decrease their medications.


You can change the course of your health!


OMG Kathy, my doctor was so happy, my blood pressure was PERFECT, my sugar PERFECT, he stopped the AM medication for my sugar BUT asked me to check once in a while. He told me that I am in better shape today than 10 years ago. So, thank you so much, Kathy, for all your leadership and knowledge of this process.
JS in South Dakota

We will work together to change the composition of the diet, eliminating foods that are inflammatory and reducing the carbohydrates to get into mild ketosis which promotes fat loss.   I look for and address other underlying issues such as gut health and nutrient deficiencies. Often you also work with your doctor to reduce medications as your weight and inflammation decrease.

Education and Training.

I graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Science and completed my Dietetic Internship at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. I have worked as food service administrator in hospitals and schools and as a clinical dietitian in hospitals and nursing homes.

When I had my own health challenges and traditional dietary advice was not working for me or my clients, I went in search of new answers. In 2007, I earned my Certificate in Clinical Nutrition from the IAACN (The International and American Associations of Clinical Nutrition).   This integrative and functional approach trained me to address root causes of dis-EASE such as food intolerances, gut imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, diet composition and lifestyle to achieve optimal health.

In working with Kathy Howitt I found that she is very responsible and caring. She has been the most helpful in my journey to health and without her I would still be in search of help. AR in Ohio

I have known Kathy for 3 years now. I have found her to be highly organized and capable person. I work with Kathy on a daily basis via the internet and she is always courteous, dependable, and above all, communicates very well. MS in New York

If you are ready to commit to change, WELCOME!  I am ready to be your guide and cheerleader! If you are confused and uncertain of your next step, I will help you figure it out.

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